Microcuff* ETT Ped 3.0mm Magill

SAR 550.00
HALYARD* MICROCUFF* Pediatric Endotracheal Tube, Oral/Nasal Magill, Inner Diameter 3.0MM, Outer Diameter 4.3MM, Cuff Size 10MM, Advanced microthin polyurethane cuff membrane seals the airway at ultra-low pressureMicrothin material (10 microns) permits a true high volume, low pressure (HVLP) cuff to reduce cuff pressureMICROCUFF* pediatric tubes effectively seal at an average cuff pressure of 11 cm H201, about half the pressure of conventional tubesMICROCUFF* pediatric tubes seal below the commonly presumed capillary perfusion pressure of the pediatric population, diminishing the risk to mucosal tissue2Ultra-low cuff pressure can reduce the risk of airway traumaMicrothin polyurethane cuff membrane can withstand burst pressures over 800 cm H203 and has a puncture strength almost double compared to conventional cuffs3.